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Small can be beautiful!

Hooray, at last it looks as though weddings - and for the time being, more specifically - micro-weddings - are back on and we couldn’t be happier about it.

It might not be what you originally planned but your wedding can still be the day of your dreams and one you will remember for the rest of your life together.

Not only is a micro wedding much easier to organise, it can be just as much fun and even more intimate and special. Think about how your day will pan out and work with us at AKA. Having your chosen music played throughout your day enhances every moment and makes memories. AKA will make sure you get the most out of your day.

We have masses of experience of getting this right - here are some thoughts to help with your planning.

Keep things light and simple

You may have originally had your heart set on a 16 piece funk and soul orchestra, but for a micro-wedding that might now be too much. That doesn’t mean your music has to be any less personal to you though. Instead, book AKA’s acoustic duo or the guitar duo. These are stripped back versions of larger ensembles but with the same great repertoire, no loss of sound quality and same great vibe - just more suitable for a smaller and more discreet wedding.

The advantages include not taking up so much floor space - so more room for your guests and as smaller ensembles, they can maintain safe social distancing.

Keep your vision and adjust your plan of attack

You have probably been thinking about and planning your wedding for a long time. When you started, you had a vision of how your day would be and the memories you would create. NO problem - hold on to that vision but just rethink how to achieve it. For example, you might need to think about how to include your “party” time into your drinks reception. We’ve managed this for our brides and grooms lots of times and it works fantastically. The important thing is to talk to us - we can make suggestions which mean you get the wedding you have always envisioned and you’ll get a 100% Covid compliant reception and party.

Talk to your band

Pretty much most things are possible but need to be chatted through with your musicians.

If you have already booked a band or performers for your micro wedding day but find things have had to change, then take the time to talk to them. Make sure everybody knows the plan for the day and take advantage of their experience. Often, when AKA play at micro weddings it is to provide a background to both the ceremony and then drinks reception. Knowing all the details is key so that the band can flex its offering to create the soundtrack to your day.

Change the vibe

You might have originally planned for and booked AKA’s 4 piece party band for your evening reception. But things have changed through no fault of anyone, but you still plan to go ahead with your wedding day, albeit reduced in scale and evening dancing is not currently allowed. You might think that all is lost with the band, but that is far from the case. We can adjust what we had planned for you, taking your party band booking and turning it into an acoustic duo for your ceremony and an acoustic trio for your drinks reception. We have adapted our offering to cater for micro weddings so that you get the music that you want to create the atmosphere for your special day.

The First Dance

In the first wave of micro-weddings, this was one of the key questions we were asked about from our couples. They still wanted a first dance but weren’t sure how this would fit into the day. Remember about moving the party to the drinks reception? Having your first dance during your drinks reception, played live by your musicians is amazing. It is fun, way less stressful than cancelling, and is a great way to keep this tradition alive but with a new twist. Some of our favourite parties have been those where we have played during the drinks reception and we think it is an underused part of your wedding day. Let’s help you to make the most of the time you have during your day, whenever it is!

SO, TALK TO US, keep your vision and let us help you to change the way you go about putting it all in place, and remember that smaller does not mean worse, often it means the opposite.

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