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6 Must-Ask Questions for Your Wedding Caterer

6 Must-Ask Questions for Your Wedding Caterer

For many couples, good food is an integral part of their wedding day. Whether you’re looking to have a traditional three-course sit-down dinner, or something more casual like a buffet or hog roast - it’s important to choose the right caterer to ensure they fit in with the vibe of your wedding.

Beyond ‘How many weddings do you do a year’ and ‘How much do you charge’ it can be difficult to know exactly what to ask. So to help you out, we’ve put together our top 6 key questions to ask your caterer before you hire them, and why they’re important to ask!

1 - Who will run the event on the day, and can we meet them?

You may love the person you’re meeting with, but they may not be there on the day and the person that is managing on the day may not be what you want. Make sure you ask how many staff members will be there on the day too.

2 - What can you do for guests with dietary restrictions?

It is highly likely that you will have vegetarian, gluten intolerant or nut allergic guests attending. All good caterers will be able to cater for guests with restrictions, but be sure to ask them explicitly how they will do this. Remember to ask about dietary requirements on your invites and inform your caterer with plenty of time to go. On a similar note, be sure to ask about a children's food option as this often comes at a discount.

3 - What are the drinks service options?

Depending on how they work they may provide a bar service or serve drinks at the table. Additionally, some may allow you to provide the alcohol but charge you a hidden fee for corkage. Make sure you ask explicitly about drinks service so you can choose the right option for you, and know exactly what to expect on the day.

4 - What are your water, electrical and equipment needs?

Your caterer may be unfamiliar with your venue. If this is the case ask them if they will need to visit the venue/kitchen beforehand and if this will come at an additional cost to you. Similarly, if you need to source furniture for your wedding your caterer may be able to provide tables, chairs, linens, cutlery. If you choose this option be sure to ask about the additional cost. Similarly, if the catering company are

5 - What time will you and your staff arrive and how long will it take to setup and break down?

The venue may require wedding suppliers to be there by a certain time or you may need them to be there sooner. Just double check this so everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day.

6 - What information do you need before the day and when is the deadline for a final head count on guests attending?

If for whatever reason you have a bad experience with your caterers and you want some money back, you want to ensure that none of the blame lies with you and you gave them everything they needed to know way ahead of the event. Your guests won’t get back to you straight away either so ensure there’s a reasonable amount of time before the day to give a final guest list.

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