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9 Unique and Quirky Wedding Theme Ideas

9 Unique and Quirky Wedding Theme Ideas

If you’re looking to add a little extra fun into your wedding day, then a unique and quirky wedding theme might just be the thing you’re searching for. Not only do themes give your guests something to look forward to, they’re also a great way to show off your passions as a couple.

From festivals and pool parties, to Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, we’ve counted down our top 9 unusual wedding day themes to provide you with inspiration.

1 - Fairytale

A fairytale wedding is all about making you and your guests feel like you’re royalty in a storybook for the day. If you’re ready to become Cinderella, you could use horse-drawn carriages for transport, have an orchestra to serenade your guests, and book a venue with a woodland or a grand ballroom. And don’t forget the glittering ballgown.

2 - Superhero

Superhero is a unique wedding theme that’s easy to customize and appeals to both kids and adults. You could start by choosing a colour combination inspired by your favourite superhero. Then take it a step further with bouquets, buttonholes and decorations made from comic book pages.

3 - The Great Gatsby

A Gatsby wedding theme is all about elegance and eye-catching details. This authentic yet nontraditional way of celebrating your day can be extremely romantic. If you choose this theme be sure to give your decor an art deco flair. Have a band to play the classics, use ivory cutlery, and go all out with a champagne fountain.

4 - Ski Lodge

If you’re a skiing fanatic or want to hold a holiday getaway wedding, then this theme is perfect for you. Be sure to bring the theme to life by setting up cosy fireplaces and serving mulled wine. You could even book a venue in the mountains if you’re feeling adventurous.

5 - Travel

This unique wedding theme pays homage to your love for wanderlust and symbolizes the great adventures that are yet to come. Use your favourite travel destinations to theme each table, and decorate with your favourite travel quotes and photographs.

6 - Halloween

Halloween-themed weddings don’t have to be a mixed bag of orange and black decorations, costumes and jack-o-lanterns. They can be as spooky or as autumn-themed as you desire! This theme is a great excuse to use natural decor for your venue. You could even do a pumpkin carving competition for some evening entertainment.

7 - Harry Potter

A Harry Potter-themed wedding is a great way to bring some extra magic to your special day. Harry Potter has inspired kids and adults alike for years, and if you live and breathe the wizardry and fantasy of Hogwarts, this theme can be a magical way to celebrate your special occasion. Just be sure to set the tone with a Hogwarts acceptance letter as your save the date!

8 - Pool Party

What could be more refreshing than hosting a poolside summer wedding? Try to find a venue with a pool to incorporate your theme as much as possible. Then choose decor to match your style, from floating candles and lanterns to a relaxed beach party - anything goes.

9 - Winter Wonderland

A winter wonderland wedding theme can bring your ideal fairytale wedding to life — as magical and romantic as the movies. If you can’t promise snow on your big day, create some with a fake snowstorm that will look amazing in photographs. Don’t forget the twinkling lights and cosy blankets for your guests to snuggle up under.

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