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Wedding Hair and Make Up

7 Tips for Doing Your Own Wedding-Day Makeup

Whether it’s to save a few extra pennies, or simply because they really enjoy doing their own makeup, more and more brides are choosing to do their own wedding-day makeup rather than hire a professional.

However, no matter how much of a pro you are at applying makeup, creating your own wedding day look can be nerve-racking. After all, it’s your big day. Plus you want to make sure that your look holds up in person throughout the day, and looks great in photographs.

To help you out, we’ve pulled together our top 7 tips to nailing that wedding day makeup by yourself!

1 - Practice Really Does Make Perfect

Whatever you do, don’t wait till your wedding day to apply your look for the first time! Practice, practice, and practice until you know you can create the exact look that you want anywhere. You could even record yourself or make notes for you to refer back to on the day.

2 - Use a Primer

Before you apply your makeup make sure you use a thin layer of primer. This will serve as a corrector to smooth pores and fine lines, as well as prepare the skin for makeup. A good primer will be the difference between your makeup lasting the ceremony, and way into the evening.

3 - Find the Perfect Foundation

The right foundation should match not only your skin colour, but also your skin type. Take the time to ask an expert to match you with the right foundation for you. There are a lot of foundations out there, so don’t be afraid to visit different makeup stores and counters to find the perfect fit.

4 - Avoid Sparkles

It might be tempting to go for a glitter eye shadow, or highlighter for your wedding day, especially if you’re going for a fun theme. Sadly, things that sparkle don’t shine in photos. For the best photo-ready look, stick to neutrals, subtle tones and matte eyeshadows.

5 - Embrace Waterproof mascara

Not only do you want your mascara to stay in place through any happy tears, but waterproof formulas should withstand the heat, too. A necessity for summer brides, but also those planning to party into the night.

7 - Don’t Bow to Trends

If you don't wear a lot of makeup in your everyday life, then you shouldn't have a cat-eye for your wedding day. Remember, you’re going to look back on these photos for years to come. The ultimate goal of any wedding day look should be to look like you, but on a really good day.

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