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Wedding Venue Decor Ideas for 2021

Top 4 Wedding Venue Decor Ideas for 2021

When it comes to your wedding day, it’s the tiny details that can make it extra special. Your decor choices enable you to set the tone for your day. Here are our top 4 wedding decoration ideas for 2021, that will enable you to deck out your venue and take your day to the next level.

1 - Raise the Roof

If you’ve chosen a venue with spectacular high ceilings, you can use the vertical space in your venue to create a beautiful scene. Hanging decorations are a great way to fill a room or marquee to make it feel welcoming, intimate and festive, all at once. Consider ceiling decorations such as drapes, hanging flowers, bunting, lights or even balloons and lanterns to create a charming canopy above your heads.

2 - Go Green with Botanicals

Rather than flowers, why not try a more understated approach to your wedding décor by swapping florals for foliage. Garlands of greenery will add a fairy tale feel to your wedding theme. Plus, whether you opt for fragrant leaves like eucalyptus or evergreen options like ivy, your venue will be perfectly in tune with the times as natural, eco-friendly weddings continue to grow in popularity.

3 - Light It Up

Lighting has the ability to completely transform a space. Fairy lights strewn about or arranged in a hanging curtain in the doorway can create a twinkling, intimate feel, whereas glamorous lanterns positioned on floors or tables will give you that flickering. If you’re keeping to the same venue for your wedding day, candlelight is the perfect choice to take you from day to night.

4 - Stylish Seating

Combine fashion with function and place your furniture centre stage. Chairs and sofas will take up so much space in your venue, so it makes sense to make them a focal point. Stylish chill-out sofa sets can be paired with side tables containing statement decorations such as lamps, photo frames, or giant silver bowls filled with flowers. Scattered cushions in bold colours are a great way to add a bright dash of colour to accentuate your wedding theme.

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