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6 Easy Steps to Create Your Signature Wedding Cocktail

6 Easy Steps to Create Your Signature Wedding Cocktail

Creating your own signature wedding cocktail is the perfect way to add that extra special personal touch to your wedding. Unless you’re a bartender, however, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are our 6 top tips to create a delicious signature cocktail that represents you two as a couple, and fits seamlessly into your wedding.

1 - Choose His & Hers

Rather than trying to encompass everything into one drink, many couples opt for his and hers cocktails. By serving two drinks not only do you give your guests more options, but you also give yourselves more scope when it comes to planning. Just make sure the drinks are different enough to make it worth the extra work. Think a heavy whiskey-based cocktail, paired with a lighter and more refreshing prosecco option.

2 - Start with Your Favourite Orders

It’s common to feel a little overwhelmed with the sheer number of cocktails available. If you’re struggling to narrow down your choices, start with your go-to order on a Saturday night. What are the common flavours and spirits that are used in those? Remember, cocktails tend to fall into 4 main broad categories; strong, sour, sweet and low alcohol.

3 - Incorporate On-Trend Flavours

If you’re more of a vodka & soda person, you can always use that as the base for your cocktail, and then add flavours that are everyone's current favourites. Drink trends for 2021 include are mostly floral or herby. Think elderflower, lavender and rosemary.

Extra Tip: While we’re on the subject of flavour, make sure if you’re serving food alongside your cocktail that the two complement each other.

4 - Choose Your Glasses Carefully

Your signature cocktail should work as another element to tie your wedding together. Think about your big day as a whole, and ensure the cocktail you design will work within it. A big way to do this is to think about your glass choice. Are you having an outdoor barn or a formal sit down dinner? For the first, a mason jar over ice will look the part, whereas the second may require a martini glass with a fancy garnish.

5 - Think About Your Guests

While this is your wedding, you also need to consider the tastes of your guests. A good option is to create a cocktail that is a little more universally appealing. Spirits like vodka and gin, have a less polarising flavour than rum and whiskey.

6 - Don’t Focus on the Colour

Your drink doesn’t have to be the exact same colours as your bouquet, or bridesmaid dresses in order for it to work. Rather than adding food dye that may stain your guest’s clothes, think about bringing your wedding colours in through your garnish. Or even straws, napkins and colourful glassware. Ultimately a successful signature cocktail is one that tastes delicious.

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